Non-stick coatings usually come into shades of dark grey. This is what consumers have been used to for a very long time. Most producers today still prefer the classic tonalities, not only to meet traditional consumer taste, but also to keep costs down. As a matter of fact, dark grey PTFE is the cheapest and most common varnish sold in the market.



The choice of PTFE varnish used to be limited to grey and black. In fact, there was no other choice in the past, and consumers learned to identify these colours as standard. Since the last couple of years, things have changed radically. The best producers have developed a collection of different colors to choose from: pure white, cream white, champagne, light grey, etc. including some bright colors like green or blue.
Today, it is possible to choose just any color for your coating.

Customize your discs

Thanks to the support of our suppliers, we can provide Laquer in your desired color with a reference to RAL or Pantone. It is also possible to reproduce colors from a physical sample item (e.g. a handle, knob, pan, etc.) with high precision. Moreover, we can personalize the color of non-stick coatings in line with your desires.
Any fantasy for your discs can become true with us: we can provide you with customized rollers for polychrome decorations and screen printing frames!