The Company

MCG S.r.l. is a new firm stepping into the cookware market, with the business proposition to help companies within the sector expand on a global scale. We offer broad expertise providing our customers with efficient solutions for the supply of raw materials and semi-manufactured products, as well as in-depth knowledge of the cookware market. Indeed, we have developed our expertise working in close contact with our suppliers.
Along the way we have gained valuable skills, which we will use to propose optimal solutions and products and technologies suited to your needs. All this with a steady focus on quality, both in terms of products and the service provided.


at your service


MGC S.r.l.’s organizational structure is simple, flexible and dynamic. We aim to offer our customers the products and technologies best suited to their needs, with the goal of cutting back on high R&D and market research costs.We take on the role of a purchasing division, striving to limit the costs that you would normally incur while managing such a department on your own. Maximum transparency is of utmost importance to us: ambiguity is enemy number one for fruitful collaborations!

Our values



In today’s global market, where every kind of product is just one click away, it is easy to get lost among the infinity of offers available, without knowing which one is right. Time and again what looked like an attractive deal, a trustworthy partner or an excellent product does not live up to expectations.
During years of experience in the cookware business, we have built a vast network of suppliers, mainly in Europe and Asia, with which we collaborate closely to develop commercial strategies. Thanks to our mediation, our suppliers are able to seize opportunities worldwide, without necessarily having physical offices with dedicated staff in other locations. This gives them an edge without bearing excessive costs.