Laquer with a metallic finishing touch is the most commonly used. The metallic effect is an all-time classic for the coatings of metals and cookware is no exception.




The opaque effect is less popular than the shiny or metallic one. It gives a touch of classy originality to the product, especially if combined with a bakelite handle with a soft-touch coating.




The shiny effect is ideal to confer extra brightness to colored coatings. Best choice to make your product stand out on the store shelves.



Customize your discs

Thanks to the support of our suppliers, we can provide Laquer in your desired color with a reference to RAL or Pantone. It is also possible to reproduce colors from a physical sample item (e.g. a handle, knob, pan, etc.) with high precision. Moreover, we can personalize the color of non-stick coatings in line with your desires.
Any fantasy for your discs can become true with us: we can provide you with customized rollers for polychrome decorations and screen printing frames!