Carbon fiber

We’re glad to present our new carbon fiber effect, developed in collaboration with Ma.Pa. Rivestimenti Antiaderenti and realized only for MCG Srl.
Carbon fibers stand for technology, lightness and resistance, all of them coupled with a fine aesthetic value.
Thanks to multiple layers of coating, which reproduce the twine of carbon fibers, from now it’s possible to decorate your non-stick coated aluminum discs recreating the same amazing effect.


Marble effect confirms the current tendency to reproduce on aluminum discs the surface of natural materials, coming in the wake of the well-known “stone effect” and the more recent “wooden effect”.


The wooden effect is the latest trend in the cookware market. Consumers are drawn by natural colors, in line with the reborn appreciation of everything that is “bio”and “eco-friendly”, as we have witnessed in recent years.
The wooden effect decoration is very versatile and comes in a variety of colors to match your customers’ taste.



Thanks to the polychrome technology, we can decorate the material with a “stone” effect. We have 4 carved rollers available for different types of effect: from sparse to dense and from neat to uneven. The contrast between the varnish applied over the whole surface and the pin decoration, with single or multiple needles, results in a stone like visual effect. We can apply this kind of decoration on either side of the disc. This decoration is applicable on both non-stick and Laquer varnish types.


The honeycomb decoration is very popular among all non-stick cookware producers and it is regarded as a classic. Its simplicity seems to be timeless and the style is of high appeal to customers.




Among the most classic decorations we also find the “mandorlato” (more commonly known as “dashes” decoration). Today it remains one of customers’ favourite!



Customize your discs

Thanks to the support of our suppliers, we can provide Laquer in your desired color with a reference to RAL or Pantone. It is also possible to reproduce colors from a physical sample item (e.g. a handle, knob, pan, etc.) with high precision. Moreover, we can personalize the color of non-stick coatings in line with your desires.
Any fantasy for your discs can become true with us: we can provide you with customized rollers for polychrome decorations and screen printing frames!