Glass lids

MCG S.r.l. supplies tempered glass lids with stainless steel ring, guaranteeing an excellent quality not only in terms of the product itself, but also on the standards of the supplier overtime. The lids are manufactured in China, where our partners regularly oversee the production accuracy via spot checks.
Besides the classic type G, we offer a wide selection of glass, glass and steel, glass and silicon lids: type T, type C and Type F, among others. All lids are available in standard dome, high dome and fla version. Moreover, we can assemble lids in various shapes and size, with or without steam vent valve, and customize them with logos and decorations according to your preference.


The type G lid is the most popular, well-know and sold glass lid within the category. Its classic molded iron rim makes it the ideal complement to any item, be it a pot, a frying pan or a saucepan. Manufactured with tempered glass with a thickness of 4 or 3,6 mm, it is a low-cost and easy to customize product. In fact, you can order it in various diameters other than the standard ones. Moreover, as with all our lids, it is possible to imprint your logo via silk-screen printing.


Slightly more expensive than type G, lids of type T present a wider rim and are thus optimal for those products where the matching of the items is more prominent. Just like type G, you can decide to customize the lid with your logo. The product is available in different dimensions.

F-Type / Wide

F-Type / Wide


Silicon Lids


Glass lids C-Type



L-Type (strainer)

Glass lids L-Type (strainer)